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Business But don’t know Where to start

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With only 5-figures baht investment, you can now own a
“One-Stop Service” franchise with the system
and support from our team of experts.
We have over 6 years of experience under
Natnara Franchisor Co., Ltd
which is run by Natnara Corporation Co.,Ltd

With our network of connections all over the country
you can provide the following services:

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About Us

Natnara franchisor Co.Ltd is the creator of the “One-Stop Service” franchise. The system is designed and managed by Natnara Corporation Co.Ltd, a business that offers business management service and set up various organizational structures for the organization - such as creating a financial management system, administrative, purchasing, and management accounts. The company has been operating for more than 6 years and has helped many companies.

Mr. Natthasak Keereepaithoon, the founder, saw an opportunity in the market place where there is a need for a ‘One-Stop” service type of business. Which is why he created the franchise - to expand business opportunities to others who are interested in owning a business but lacks business knowledge. They can now use the system he created as the “One-Stop Service” where people can offer administration service, human resource recruitment service, financial service, online marketing service, and travel & tourism service.

By investing in the franchise, you will have full support and training courses from Natnara Corporation Co.,Ltd under the belief that “the One-Stop Service is the future of franchise”.

Brief Accomplishments of Mr. Natthasak

  • Vice President of Franchise and License Association

  • The founder of Natnara Corporation Co.Ltd

  • Has over 10 years of experience in the accounting position and internal audit in the manager-level position who listed the license of stock exchange

  • Used to be a lecturer who teaches how to build internal control system at the Department of Business Development

  • Passed the Federation of Accounting Professions and the Internal Audit Association courses

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